'Nilla Custard

'Nilla Custard


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    'Nilla Custard is an intense vanilla blended with a creamy, succulent custard. Give this a chance to be your new all day vape!

    Flavor Notes: Vanilla, Custard

    At Vapes Gone Wild we use only the best ingredients to give you the finest e-liquid on the market.  All of our e-liquids are handcrafted and made to order with no added sweeteners. 

    Product Reviews

    Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 4 ratings)
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    This is a Keeper
    Written by Rose on 29th Jun 2016

    Very tasty and something you can vape all day

    Written by Michelle Marlow on 23rd Jun 2016

    I always go for a sweet flavor, and nilla custard just sounded good to me. Best flavor yet! Sweet, creamy vanilla flavor and its so smooth(:

    I try a lot of vanilla custards.
    Written by undefined on 15th Feb 2016

    This is up there with the best vanilla custards I have tried and I always try different ones when I get the chance.

    Not for me
    Written by Z on 17th Sep 2015

    I bought 100 ML since it was the FOTW. Since I love vanilla vapes I thought this would be good, but it tastes just like bread pudding, no "nilla".