eFest Luc v4 4 Bay Charger

eFest LUC 4 Bay Charger

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This is a great charger with up to a 2A charge rate (only two bays, 1A for four bays).  Includes car charger!  

Manufacturer's Specifications:

Efest LUC 4 slot LCD charger with USB output function.

Efest LUC V4 is high quality with 4 charging channels and a large LCD.  It has four independent charging channels with reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection and zero voltage activation (can reset tripped protection circuits).  The LUC V4 charger is compatible with most 3.7V Li-ion or LiMn batteries like the 10440, 14500, 14650, 18500, 17670, 18650, 18700, 26500, 26650 etc.  It can charge 15270 or 14250 batteries with spacers. 

It can also function as a USB power bank.  Wiith one fully charged battery in channel 2, the LUC V4 charger also can charge most USB devices such as mobile phones, iPad, MP3, Mp4, PSP etc. 


1. Charging input: Pressing the rectangular button changes the charging modes(0.5A/1A/2A), as required by different size and chemistry cells.

USB output: DC5V 1A USB output connector is compatible with most portable consumer electronics.

0.5A/1A can charge 4pcs : 10440/14500/14650/16340/16650/17650/17670/17350/18490/18500/18650/22650

2A can charge 2pcs : 25500 and 26650 batteries

2. Low power alarming: When the battery is being used to power the USB socket, the transparent button will be flashing in blue while the power of battery is lower than 15%, this means battery is low and needs to be charged.

3. Built-in reverse polarity protection: While the charger is connected, each charging channel has reverse polarity protection.

4. Zero voltage activation function: When the charger is in standby, place over-discharged batteries (with tripped protection circuit) to charging channel correctly, the charger will attempt to reset the circuit with a soft star.  

5. Over-charging protection & automatically monitor charging:  The harger will stop charging when batteries are full; if batteries were not taken off and the battery voltage will be lower than 3.9V because of many factors, charger will charge batteries automatically again. charger will start to charging if putting lower 4.18V batteries into LUC V4 charger.

6.USB output:

To turn on this function,  hold the rectangular button for more than 1 second to turn on the USB output.  The USB function will automatically turn off after 30 seconds if no power is being drawn from it.  The DC 5V 1A USB output connector is compatible with most portable consumer electronics.  A lithium ion cell must be in charger bay 2.

AC adapter and car power cables included.