Stoner's Delight

Stoner's Delight


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    Can't pick just one flavor? You'll love this abundantly rich kaleidoscope of fruit blends, masterfully balanced with a hint of cream to round it out. Stoner's Delight is guaranteed to satisfy your greatest cravings. 

    Flavor Notes: Honeydew, strawberry, watermelon, green apple, French vanilla, Bavarian cream, vanilla custard, pomegranate, kiwi

    At Vapes Gone Wild we use only the best ingredients to give you the finest e-liquid on the market.  All of our e-liquids are handcrafted and made to order with no added sweeteners. 

    Please be aware that this flavor has changed as of August, 8th, 2016. 



    Product Reviews

    Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 20 ratings)
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    Written by Miles Abna on 9th Mar 2019

    By far one of the best tasting juice I've had in a long long time!!!!

    Good stuff
    Written by Hank on 8th Mar 2019

    This stuff taste as good as it smells! Very good!

    Smooth and flavorful
    Written by undefined on 22nd Apr 2017

    This will always be one of my favorite vape liquids. It has such a great fruity taste with a little bit of cream. Even with a higher nicotine mg, it still has a great amount of flavor.

    Don't like
    Written by Jim on 5th Mar 2017

    some juices are just not for me. this is one

    My Absolute Favorite
    Written by Rose on 3rd Jan 2017

    No comparison to any other juice around

    Stoner Delight
    Written by Carson Grant on 12th Oct 2016

    One of the best juices out there!

    Written by Nicole on 9th Sep 2016

    I will order this again, love the taste, full of flavor. Definitely an all day vape

    stoners delight
    Written by 4ichard on 8th Jul 2016

    Great flavor.smooth smokability

    Freakin Fantastic!
    Written by Robert B on 15th Jun 2016

    Absolutely love this stuff. My all day juice for over a month now.

    you guys rock!!!
    Written by Nick Langfield on 5th Jun 2016

    I have not had one complaint yet from my business with you guys, I hope you continue to grow so I can keep using you guys!

    excellent all day vape
    Written by undefined on 17th May 2016

    The description definitely matches the product well. Excellent flavor, I will definitely buy this one again!

    tasts like summer
    Written by undefined on 3rd Mar 2016

    Great tasting juice...everyday go to flavor.

    truely a stoners delight
    Written by undefined on 5th Feb 2016

    my new favorite juice definitely getting this product again

    Written by undefined on 21st Jan 2016

    The BEST juice ever. A must have for those vaping

    best juice
    Written by undefined on 14th Dec 2015

    This juice is delicious, by far the best juice I have ever vaped. A must try for anyone.

    Written by justin on 8th Nov 2015

    My wife got me hooked on this and i love it

    Written by undefined on 29th Oct 2015

    My husband and I both love this flavor!! It's our go to!!

    Written by tav420 on 2nd Apr 2015

    This is the best vape I've ever had period. Don't even think twice about getting it just do it..It's that damn good!

    Tastes like strawberry and melon exploded in my mouth!
    Written by clearlybrunette on 23rd Feb 2015

    If you like Space Jams Pluto- you will like this- very similar with the melon hints in the flavor. Flavor is well mixed and very tasty!

    Written by Jonny on 19th Dec 2014

    Reminds me SO MUCH of strawberry flavored pop rocks. Definitely best for those with a sweet tooth. I wish I could give it more stars.